Clyde Risdon says he can't stand to watch a big sled dog race.  "I can stand to watch them hook up 4-, 6-, and 8-dog teams and it doesn't bother me" Clyde says.  " But when they hook up the open teams, I want to join them."

Clyde who raced sled dogs during the 1970s has since funneled his competitive energy into the construction of dog sleds and gigs.  Clyde started building 3-wheel carts in 1972 and dog sleds in 1979.  This  was after many discussions with the top or professional  racers of the day on what they did or did not like about the sled and training 'gigs' they had.

It was a conscious decision to start manufacturing quality dog sleds for the professional racer.  Equipment that could be depended upon to perform.  Clyde stills relies on feedback from mushers like Dee Dee and Mike Jonrowe, Lloyd and Mary Gilbertson, Rob and Mary Jo Downey, Jan Bootz Dittmar and Duane Dittmar, Ken and Lori Chezik, and Gary and Denise Callaghan.  Research is an ongoing process at Risdon Rigs, Inc. He also wants to thank the many people who have helped him maintain this quality, Harris and Ginger Dunlap and Larry Tallman to name a few.  Harris was the first to test and promote the sleds.  Larry Tallman was instrumental in design of the protracker.

In 1996 ISDRA awarded Clyde Risdon a Citation of Merit in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the sport of sled dog racing through his sled making abilities, and of his design of the ever famous Risdon Rig.